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Meet the breeding parents. All of them have a unique personality, but each one is close to our hearts. Our breeding dogs have been with us since they were wee little pups themselves. Although we’re a close-knit family, we’re a big family.

We have two beautiful breeding females that complete us. Let’s introduce you to our beauties, as well as some of our studs.

Goldie is the momma. She’s our eldest. Her motherly instincts keep us all feeling safe and protected. She loves our kids like anything. When she’s not keeping a watchful eye over the house, you can find her playing with our kids. She’s always joyous and happy. If you’re down, you can trust Goldie to cheer you up. Her gentle nature makes her great with people of all ages. She may be the mom, but she has the heart of a child. Our smart and strong dog has an attractive and beautiful golden color coat.

Millie is the stunner. She’s our English cream mom with a stunning white coat and a blocky head. She’s a head-turner. She’s the cream of the crop. She loves to play outdoors with our kids and other dogs. She’s a wonderful mom with a big heart.

Ike is loving. He lives with Scout on the same property and is a family farm dog that loves people and playing with kids. He has OFA certified hips, eyes, elbows, and heart.

Scout is a family farm dog. He lives with Ike on the same property and absolutely loves people and playing with children. He has OFA certified hips, eyes, elbows, and heart.

Want to meet them? Schedule a time to come on over to see our four Golden Retrievers.

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