About Us

Hey, Nick and Mandy Burnham here. We breed our Golden Retrievers, but we aren’t your usual breeding family. Awareness of unethical puppy mills has increased in recent times, and breeders aren’t accepted. We don’t blame people for calling them out. We call them out as well.

As breeders, we receive this question a lot – how can we be against puppy mills when we breed dogs ourselves?

Unlike puppy mills, we neither neglect our animals nor breed our dogs with owners who do. We genuinely love dogs and aren’t here for profit. Our first priority remains the dog’s well-being. All breeders that come into our fold must pass our strict screening process.

If they don’t meet our requirements of following responsible breeding practices, they’re out. We want future dog parents to know that as a family of 7 and soon to be 8, we don’t just follow but promote humane breeding practices among our breeders and dog owners. We strive to do away with puppy mills for good, not just in East Indiana but also nationally.

Our Family

We have four beautiful daughters and one son. Just like us, they share our love and passion for giving animals an environment they can thrive in. They spend time with our two attractive, loving, and intelligent female Golden Retrievers — Goldie and Millie. If you love the names, the credit goes to our kids.

We dote on our dogs, and we’re also a little biased when it comes to Golden Retrievers. Our dogs and their pups are AKC-registered, have received all their vaccinations and wormings, are vet checked at 7 weeks, and are microchipped. When you get a puppy from us, you receive a one-year health guarantee against genetic defects. Here are our three breeding mothers:

  • Goldie has only one thing on her mind— she lives to play. Her playful nature will make you smile, and if you’re in a bad mood, leave it up to her to cheer you up. Her loveable personality with her impressive temperament makes you feel extra loved. She has a beautiful dark red coat.

  • Millie is the English cream mom of the group. She is sweet as pie and cute as a button. She has an alluring white coat with a blocky head.

We would love to meet you and take you on a tour of our home in the country. Give us a call to set up a time to visit us because our Golden Retrievers can’t wait to greet you.

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